This year’s global conference for MPN Patient Advocates will be held from October 27 to 29 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Delegates will gain valuable insights from the world’s leading MPN physicians and other health experts about MPNs and understand the current research and developments in therapies as well as other health and wellness topics.

The conference will also be a unique opportunity for MPN Patient Representatives and Advocates to meet, discuss the issues facing MPN patients around the world and to share best practices from local groups.

The event will consist of over 20 talks, covering updates on MPN Research, current and emerging therapies, symptom management and a variety of advocacy and support topics.

To check the Conference Programme, please click MPNHZ17 – Agenda .

In order to register for the conference, delegates should represent non-profit organisations that are permanently established to provide support and advocacy for patients with Myeloproliferative Neoplasms. Please email us if you have any questions about eligibility to attend.

MPN Advocates Network will provide travel to and from the conference and accommodation for one delegate per patient organisation. One additional delegate per organisation may be registered but travel and accommodation costs will not be covered.

For further details of the conference and for registration, click HERE