Calling volunteers to serve on the MPNAN Steering Committee

For the first time ever, MPNAN is asking you, the members, to nominate and vote on who you want to serve on the Steering Committee for MPNAN. We have up to 3 open seats available.

The activities of MPNAN are overseen by a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is comprised of representatives from organizations from around the world, all serving people living with an MPN. The MPNAN is on an evolutionary path and is now seeking to call on its member organizations to nominate who they would like to serve on the Steering Committee, and to vote for these representatives.

To qualify to serve on the Steering Committee, a person must:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the MPN community
  • Be working in some capacity as an advocate
  • Agree to adhere to the code of conduct for committee members (found here)
  • Agree to follow the laws of the MPN Advocates Network operated under Le Paf (a copy may be furnished to interested parties)
  • Agree to represent the values and mission of the MPN AN on a volunteer basis
  • Agree to join at least one subcommittee to focus on execution of a specific project within the MPNAN

Applications are due November 25th, 2020.

Interested individuals should submit their CV and a statement of interest to the MPN Advocates Chair Michelle Woehrle at

This information will be compiled and shared with the Member community. The candidates will also have the chance to address the community at the Nov. 29th Horizons meeting.

A strategic goal of MPNAN is to drive membership in countries outside of Europe and North America, which are already well-represented on the Steering Committee and among the member organizations. Therefore, preference will be given to nominations from countries representing We are committed to electing at least two of these three positions from Asia, Africa, South America and Central America.

Voting will take place electronically after Nov. 29th. We will be seeking 1-2 new members from an Asian country, South or Central America or Africa as part of the up to 3 new Steering Committee members we are recruiting.

Call for Abstracts

We encourage all of the organisations to apply to present. There are two criteria;

  • How you have handled access to therapies in your country and
  • How your organization survived and thrived during the global pandemic

The opportunity to present is open to all Patient Advocacy Organizations who register. This is the ideal opportunity to illustrate the organisations’ activities at a global level that gives the opportunity to share best practices with MPN advocates from all over the world.

Click here to let us know you are interested.