MPN Advocates Network, a global collective of patient advocate organizations that serve people living with Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, announces the election of a new Chair.

Michelle Woehrle stepped down to spend more time with her young children and family.

As a consequence, the Steering Committee has unanimously appointed Werner Zinkand as Chair of MPN AN. Secondly, the Board has also decided to appoint Mirjana Babanova as Treasurer of the MPN AN.

MPN Advocates Network wants to warmly thank Michelle for her great stewardship of the network. We feel very lucky to have benefitted from her direction and contribution to the MPN community. Michelle has done great work to make our community much stronger with a clearer path and line of sight for our patient advocacy groups. Under her leadership we have truly become a global network.

Werner Zinkand, a board member of the German MPN network, will bring his wealth of experience and will continue to lead the changes we are going through and drive MPN to new frontiers.

We are also thrilled to welcome Kapila Viges from MPN Research Foundation, Chicago, on the board of the Steering Committee. We look forward to growing the MPN Advocates Network together and fulfilling its mission.

Welcome onboard!