Make Sense of MPN – Knowledge Makes the Difference

This year, the MPN Awareness Day takes place on 14th September!


What is the MPN Awareness Day?

MPN Awareness Day is an annual event that is held in September each year to raise awareness about myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs). MPNs are a group of rare blood cancers that affect the bone marrow and cause an overproduction of blood cells.

The day aims to educate people about MPNs and the impact they can have on patients and their families. It also serves to encourage early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of MPNs.

On MPN Awareness Day, various organizations and advocacy groups host events and campaigns to spread awareness about MPNs. These activities include social media campaigns, educational seminars, fundraising events, and more.

MPN Advocates Network (MPN AN) is the leading international organization that helps to organize worldwide activities. Our goal is to improve the lives of those affected by the disease.

Welcome to the MPN Awareness Day Campaign!

At the heart of our campaign is the key message: Make Sense of MPN – Knowledge Makes the Difference. We firmly believe that knowledge is empowering and can truly make a difference when it comes to managing and navigating the challenges associated with MPN.

MPN is a complex condition. It is crucial to understand the different types of MPN, their symptoms, diagnostic methods, and available treatment options. Equipped with this knowledge, patients and healthcare providers can work together to develop personalized treatment plans that suit each individual’s needs and goals.

Share your MPN journey today and let your voice be heard!

Join us in spreading awareness about MPN and advocating for improved support, research, and treatment options. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by MPN. Remember, knowledge truly makes the difference when it comes to understanding and managing MPN.

By sharing personal stories, expert insights, and the latest research, we hope to inspire hope, foster a sense of community, and encourage individuals to take an active role in their own healthcare journey.


Let’s make sense of MPN and make a lasting impact!

Thank you for your support in this vital campaign.