Warsaw, Poland will host MPN Horizons 2024. Registration will be available for up to three participants per organization.

Option 1: A full scholarship will be provided to the first delegate from the patient organisation who meets the eligibility criteria. As part of your scholarship, you will receive an economy-class return flight from your home country to Warsaw and you will not have to pay the conference fees & accommodation. (Please discuss this with your Organisations Leader and obtain their approval)

Option 2: There is a waiver of the conference fee (800 Euro) for a second delegate from the same patient organization, so you will need to arrange your own transport to Warsaw.

Option 3: A third member of the same patient organization will be responsible for both his/her own travel and the 800 Euro conference fee.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Participants who wish to take advantage of the above-mentioned options must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Be a staff member or volunteer of a MPN patient organization that is an active member of the MPN Advocates Network
  2. An individual who is in the process of setting up an organization for MPN patients
  3. Possess a position that allows them to participate in ongoing advocacy activities and initiate new initiatives
  4. Ability to communicate in English

Depending on your choice, the registration form will have the above-listed options, and you will have to specify and confirm (in case of 2nd delegate) which option you want to choose before submitting the form.

If you need further information please contact Marija our Network Manager on email: or on Tel: +389 7785 9659 through WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram.