City of Warsaw

Warsaw, the dynamic capital of Poland, stands as a testament to resilience and reinvention. Emerging from the ashes of wartime devastation, the city’s meticulously reconstructed Old Town enchants visitors with its blend of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture. Here, cobblestone streets wind past charming cafes and picturesque squares, offering glimpses into the city’s storied past.

Yet, Warsaw is not bound by its history alone. Modern skyscrapers pierce the skyline, a symbol of the city’s thriving economy and forward-looking attitude. Amidst this urban landscape, Warsaw pulses with energy, fueled by a vibrant arts scene, bustling nightlife, and a culinary landscape that blends traditional Polish flavors with innovative twists. From the solemnity of historic landmarks to the excitement of contemporary innovation, Warsaw invites exploration and discovery, embodying a city that embraces its past while eagerly embracing the possibilities of the future.

Conference Venue:
Nyx Warsaw, located at Chmielna 71, 00-801 Warszawa, Poland