The annual MPN Horizons Conference is the signature event of the MPN Advocates Network. It is an international conference devoted to MPN patient advocacy leaders.

The aim of the “MPN Horizons” conferences is to educate patient advocates. Along with educating our members about advocacy and health equity, we empower patient organizations to advocate for themselves and implement advocacy initiatives both in “Low and Middle Income” and Western countries. Moreover, we develop an international advocacy network to ensure that people with MPN have the best chance of thriving.

Medical understanding and advocacy training are just part of the meeting – it has developed a phenomenal network across oceans and continents across the globe that has improved patients’ lives, enabled new and existing patient groups, and developed into an international multi-cultural family.

The conference is a community-run event sponsored by a variety of organizations. It is organized by the MPN Advocates Network which is part of a non-profit Swiss-based organization, the Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation.


MPN Horizons 6-8 September 2024