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MPN Horizons 2022 Hybrid Conference

MPN News from ASH 2021

MPN Awareness Day 2022!

SAVE THE DATE! MPN Horizons 2023

Date: 13th -15th October 2023  Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Dear members and friends of MPN Advocates Network,

It is our great pleasure to announce the dates for our 8th MPN Horizons 2023. October 13-15 are the dates you need to block on your calendar, and the venue will be Zagreb, Croatia. Once again, MPN Horizons will be an exciting event for members, as we aim to provide them with the most current information and resources, so that the MPN Community can continue to share, grow, and learn together. (more…)


MPN Advocates Network was founded by representatives from several MPN patient support groups as a way of creating and maintaining collaboration between these organisations and providing a platform for joint activity.

The objective of the organisation is to enhance MPN patient care by collaboratively:

  • Acting as an international collective representative of MPN patient groups, interacting with healthcare funding, treatment approval, and treatment research organisations
  • Sharing best practice of support and advocacy activities between all patient groups
  • Sharing available information on all current treatments, technologies and research results
  • Encouraging cooperation between advocates, researchers, clinicians, and health care organizations

MPN Advocates Network operates purely for the benefit of MPN patients and acts independently of any other organisation or company. MPN Advocates Network aims to be supported by a broad base of sponsorship & funding.


We welcome all organizations that represent MPN patients, whether as part of a larger organization for blood disorders or as an MPN-specific group

Together we have a stronger voice!

The current members of the organization are listed below.

Do you want to become a member? Please email

Please fill out the Membership application form and email it to Your application will be reviewed by our membership committee and you will be contacted when it’s approved.


Click Here for MPN Advocates Network Membership Registration Form


MPN member organizations


  1. Austria – MPN Austria
  2. Belgium – MPN Belgium
  3. Denmark – Danish MPN Patient Organization
  4. Finland – Association on Cancer Patients in Finland
  5. France – ALTE SMP
  6. France – VIVRE AVEC UNE NMP
  7. Germany – MPN Netzwerk E.V.
  8. Italy – AIPAMM
  9. Italy – Grupo AIL Pazienti MMP Ph
  10. Israel – Flute of Light
  11. The Netherlands – MPN Stichting Netherlands
  12. Norway – The Norwegian Bloodcancer Association-Blodkreftforeningen
  13. Spain – AEAL, Asociación Española de Afectados por Linfoma, Mieloma y Leucemia
  14. Spain – MPN Spain
  15. Sweden – Swedish Blood Cancer Organization
  16. Switzerland – MPN Patient Support Association Switzerland
  17. United Kingdom – MPN Voice UK
  18. United Kingdom – Leukemia Care


  1. Australia – MPN Alliance Australia
  2. Australia – Ruby Red Foundation
  3. India – Friends of Max
  4. India – MPN India
  5. Japan – MPN-JAPAN
  6. Korea – KBDCA (Korea Blood Disease & Cancer Association)
  7. Thailand – MPN Thailand Advocacy group


  1. Canada – Canadian MPN Network
  2. USA – MPN Cancer Connection
  3. USA – The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  4. USA – MPN Research Foundation


  1. Brazil – ABRALE-Brazilian Lymphoma and Leukemia Association
  2. Chile – The Max Foundation Chile
  3. Chile – Corporación Nacional Maxi-Vida Chile
  4. Costa Rica – AGALEMO Amalia & Glenn Dewey Association for Leukemia,Myeloma and Other blood cancer patients


  1. Morocco A.M.A.L Organization


  1. Armenia – MPN Armenia
  2. Azerbeijan – Fighting Leukemia
  3. Croatia – Croatian Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (HULL)  
  4. Czech Republic – Diagnoza leukemie
  5. Macedonia – HEMA
  6. Serbia – LIPA
  7. Slovakia – Association of patients with hematological malignancies
  8. Slovenia – Slovenian lymphoma and leukemia patient association

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MPN Advocates Network is part of the Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation, based in Bern, Switzerland.

MPN Advocates Network
c/o Münzgraben 6, P.O.B. 453,
CH-3000 Bern 7,