Constitution and Legal Status:

The network was originally founded in 2013 by representatives of MPN patient groups from the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK.

The objective is to create a global network of MPN patient groups and new members are always welcome – please see the members page.

The organisation is constituted as an independent steering committee within a parent organisation, the Leukaemia Patent Advocates Foundation, registered as a non-profit organisation in Switzerland.

The constitution is available on request. Please email

The Steering Committee consists of MPN Patient Advocates from across the world.

Chairperson: Michelle Woehrle, USA

Secretary: Lexi Moore, USA

Treasurer: Werner Zinkand, Germany

Committee Members:

Cheryl Petruk, Canada

Felice Bombaci, Italy

Giora Sharf, LePaf Representative, Israel

Jon Mathias, London UK

Mirjana Babamova, Macedonia