Constitution and Legal Status

The network was originally founded in 2013 by representatives of MPN patient groups from the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK.

The objective is to create a global network of MPN patient groups and new members are always welcome – please see the members page.

The organisation is constituted as an independent steering committee within a parent organisation, the Leukaemia Patent Advocates Foundation, registered as a non-profit organisation in Switzerland.

The constitution is available on request. Please email

The Steering Committee consists of MPN Patient Advocates from across the world.


Steering Committee



Werner Zinkand
MPN-Netzwerk Germany


Committee Members


Felice Bombaci

Gruppo AIL Pazienti LMC, Italy

Lyat Granati Espinosa
Max Foundation, Chile


Jon Mathias

MPN Voice, UK
Giora Sharf
LePaf Representative and Israeli Flute of Light
Patients Organization, Israel


Param Puthen

Friends of MaxIndia
Kapila Viges
MPN Research Foundation, USA


Ken Young
MPN Alliance, Australia