MPN Horizons

As the global annual international conference for MPN patient advocacy leaders, “MPN Horizons” has been instrumental in educating patient advocates, building patient groups’ capacity, implementing advocacy initiatives that have had a real impact in the countries and, most importantly, has enforced cooperation in the global “MPN Advocates Network”.

The main goal of the MPN Horizons conferences is to build capacity in patient advocates, to educate them in growing their skills and knowledge how to build and grow effective patient organizations, in disease-specific topics and in management of NGOs.

Furthermore, networking and best practice sharing is at the core, as replicating success stories from other countries has led to a great advancement in MPN patient information, treatment, and care across the globe.

The conferences are also a unique opportunity for MPN patient representatives and advocates to meet, discuss the issues facing MPN patients around the world and to share best practices from local groups.

The MPN Advocates Network has organized the following MPN Horizons Conferences:

MPN Horizons 2019

MPN Horizons 2018

MPN Horizons 2017

MPN Horizons 2016