MPN Horizons 2023 Conference: Understanding the New Complexity of MPNs

13 – 15 October 2023, Zagreb, Croatia

MPN Advocates Network (MPN AN) held its 8th MPN Horizons Conference from 13th to 15th October 2023 in Zagreb, Croatia. The conference brought together around 60 representatives of patient advocacy groups from around 30 countries over the course of 3 days to Learn, Share and Grow.

During the conference, attendees gained medicinal understanding and advocacy training. They were able to continue sharing ideas, exchange information on what patient organisations are doing to overcome challenges, and how they can work together to strengthen their organisations.

The daily feedback we were receiving from our members showed that the event was a huge success. Everyone felt the uniqueness of the MPN Community that MPN Advocates Network created, from all corners of the globe. You may see all photos HERE!

MPN Horizons is a wholly community-run and multi-sponsored conference. The annual conference is run by the MPN Advocates Network, hosted by the non-profit, Swiss-based, and patient-driven “Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation”.

Presentations & Videos are available now

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MPN Horizons Conference 2023
Understanding the New Complexity of MPNs

Friday 13th October 2023

Werner Zinkand, Giora Sharf & Marko LucijanićVideo, PDF

MPN AN Update
Kapila VigesVideo, PDF

Advocacy Session 1: Regional Meetings – Breakout session and report – Video

  • Western & Eastern Europe – Werner Zinkand, Giora Sharf & Dražen Vincek
  • Australia, Asia & Africa – Ken Young & Bahija Gouimi
  • North & Latin America – Kapila Viges & Lyat Granati Espinosa

Medical Session 1: New Challenges in Diagnosing MPN
Chairs: Kapila Viges and Werner Zinkand

  • Diagnostic Criteria for ET, PV & MF, biological aspects
    Speaker: Susanne IsfortVideo, PDF
  • New learnings in diagnostics, CHIP
    Speaker: Martin Ellis – VirtuallyVideo, PDF
  • How does a genetic understanding of MPNs affect prognosis for patients? Prognosis between ET, PV & MF
    Speaker: Claire Harrison – VirtuallyVideo, PDF

Saturday 14th October 2023

Medical Session 2: The Complexity and Combinations in Treating MPNs
Chairs: Amy Lane and Jon Mathias

  • PV – What is the current standard of treatment?
    Speaker: Gabriela Hobbs – VirtuallyVideo, PDF
  • MF – Combinations in treatment
    Speaker: Naveen Pemmaraju – VirtuallyVideo
  • ET – The future of treatment
    Speaker: Claire HarrisonVideo, PDF
  • Cardiovascular risk factors in MPN patients
    Speaker: Marko LucijanićVideo, PDF

Medical Session 3: Special Problems in MPNs
Chairs: Kapila Viges & Lyat Granati Espinosa

  • The growing complexity of MPN mutations
    Speaker: Martin Ellis – VirtuallyVideo, PDF
  • How to talk to patients about MPN?
    Speaker: Gabriela Hobbs – VirtuallyVideo, PDF
  • Special cases: skin cancers & thrombosis
    Speaker: Claire HarrisonVideo, PDF

Advocacy Session 2: Patient Engagement in drug development and clinical trials
Chairs: Sara Douglas and Dražen Vincek

  • The Life cycle of drug development
    Speaker: Scott Weir – VirtuallyVideo, PDF
  • PROs – What is the role of the patient organisation using the PROs?
    Speaker: Zack Pemberton-Whiteley – VirtuallyVideo
  • The role of patients in the design of a clinical trials
    Speaker: Giora Sharf – VirtuallyVideo

Advocacy Session 3: Marketplace – Empowering Patient Advocates
Introducing the session: Ken Young

  • Using social media in advocacy
    Speaker: Anil NagpalVideo, PDF
  • Measuring Efficiency and setting up key measurement points (KPIs)
    Speaker: Vicki Idzinski – VirtuallyVideo
  • How can we collaborate with other patient organisations?
    Speaker: Jonathan MathiasVideo

Sunday 15th October 2023

Advocacy Session 4: Living with a chronic, life threatening, rare condition
Chairs: Jon Mathias and Werner Zinkand

  • What is advocacy?
    Speaker: Jon MathiasVideo, PDF
  • The Caregiver’s role and how are they involved in the journey
    Speaker: Guy Tavori – VirtuallyVideo
  • Complementary therapies
    Speaker: Susanne Isfort – VirtuallyVideo, PDF

Advocacy Session 5: Best Practise Session – Video
Chairs: Lyat Granati Espinosa and Ken Young

  • Patient Health Engagement & Sources of Information on Myeloproliferative Neoplasms: A Survey Conducted by the Italian Patient Association (AIPAMM)
    Speaker: Valentina BiagioliPDF
  • Dar AL AMAL, one year of services Cancer patients in Morocco
    Speaker: Bahija GouimiPDF
  • Patient advocates in cancer research (Association of Cancer Patients in Finland)
    Speaker: Matti SantalahtiPDF
  • RED SEPTEMBER: Blood Cancer Awareness Month in France (VIVRE AVEC UNE NMP)
    Speaker: Karin Tourmente-LerouxPDF
  • The buddy system of MPN Voice
    Speaker: Jonathan MathiasPDF
  • 3 key stakeholders’ engagement in research
    Speaker: Kapila VigesPDF

Best poster award Video
Completion of Feedback Questionnaire
Q & A – Closing Remarks
Werner Zinkand and Kapila Viges